Friday, July 20, 2007

tina, tina, quite contrary, how does your garden grow...

Inspired by my dear friend Megan and her beautiful garden (see "Sites We Love") I thought I'd post some pictures from my humble garden. The Coneflower (aka Echinacea) is doing super well; the poppies have been resurrected from this balmy Colorado heat; and I've kept my trusty gardening partner Dexter occupied away from digging up my poor hollyhocks long enough to take a picture. I had to include a picture of Isabella, too, in her favorite attire~ barefoot outside in a dress.


lavendergardener said...

Love it!!!

The Tode Family said...

Cute page! Dexter does look alot like Sammy in the face! Could you send me that e-mail again on the immunization schedule and also the discussion group that you belong to regarding them? Jayden is growing like a weed. When are you coming to visit again???