Thursday, October 11, 2007

Autumn is a time for Change

So, we've opted to just go with what feels right around here. I need to stop listening to all the girls in my head and be still for a bit. I ordered a curriculum that was completely wrong for us and I knew it when I ordered it. But, not listening to that voice always puts me in this place. We're now eagerly awaiting Early American History and Geography material from Beautiful Feet Books. The first time I saw it, it seemed like a wonderful fit, and I should have just gone with it in the first place. I truly cannot wait to get it. You can check it out here:

In the meantime we've been devouring books around here. Some of our favorites have been Ma Jiang and the Orange Ants, The Empty Pot (by Demi), and Pancakes, Pancakes (by Eric Carle).

This has been a busy week as we had little socialization time last week. Yesterday we met new homeschooling friends at a pumpkin patch and came home with three pumpkins we picked out and picked in a HUGE field. The kids played with goats, piglets, sheep, calves, and the biggest rabbits I've ever seen! We also came home with a gourd that I'm looking forward to drying and letting the kids shake around the house. Today, we met with a friend from Gentle Christian Mothers and her two children at a park. Both days were incredibly beautiful. You can't beat Autumn in Colorado, you really can't.

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