Friday, October 19, 2007

The Three R's

We have been a little lax as far as hs'ing goes this past week. We've kept to the three R's and Bible Study in anticipation for our Beautiful Book study guides to arrive. The first book was on hold at the library and has not been returned, so I just went on Ebay and purchased it. It's a D'aulaire book. Beautiful pictures, you really ought to check them out.

Some may be concerned about a lack of curriculum and a concentration on only the 3 R's for a time. I guess in my earlier experiences of being a hs'er I would have been, too. Only, God has a marvelous way of taking care of the details.

We read copious amounts of books, mostly multicultural fiction, but also Magic Schoolbus (this would be a truly excellent way to get kids crazy about Science, although my ds needs no encouragement LOL), books about how to relate to others appropriately. In addition, the kids are all about exploring the outdoors. Particularly when it isn't so frigid and the autumnal winds aren't blowing. This week we disassembled the tent in the backyard to find earthworms. Bella promptly named hers Wormy and he resides in a jar full of dirt in our dining room. Not to leave out Cristian, who refused to touch wormy at all, but instead gravitated toward a pillbug. Did you know they're crustaceans? Okay, so we've covered Geography (multicultural fiction), Science, Social Studies, and they're none the wiser that they didn't have to learn it through textbooks and worksheets. How about that?

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