Friday, February 15, 2008

Our February Thus Far...

I've been pretty sick this winter. I have literally been taken out by three colds. Two in the past week. I need to find something that will boost my immune system.

We've been chugging along with our Early American History. We are taking our time with the Native American tribes. Right now we're doing Southwestern Native Americans. The curriculum I'm using lumps all the tribes in this area into a one week lesson, so we're taking it apart and doing Hopi now and Navajo next week. I don't want Cristian thinking they're all the same.

We're continuing with the Noeo Science. Right now we're studying weather. Something he's already done, but not this in depth. For instance, we learned recently that the stellar (star shaped) snowflake is not the only shape a snowflake takes on. It can also look like a plate or a tube. Pretty cool. Did I mention I'm in my second childhood?

Bella continues to pick up bits here and there from our lessons. It amazes me how much she learns through osmosis. :) I bought her a couple of Kumon books yesterday, one of which involves cutting, as though she hasn't had enough practice as it is. My Dyson container could prove it.

So, in the midst of fighting off the terrible colds this season, I've actually made time for myself to read. I'm currently in the midst of The Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study by Jen Hatmaker. Funny, enlightening, and very real. It teaches what one's barriers are to studying the Bible. I think one of the biggest hangups I've had is thinking that I need to be a seminary grad or seriously spiritually enlightened individual to be able to glean what I need from the Word. Why didn't it occur to me to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in this area? It's been very motivating for me.

In addition, I've cracked open Kids Who Think Outside the Box by Stephanie Lerner. I believe this description very much describes my older child. He's an eclectic, engaging, suck life for all its worth child, who sees solutions to things in ways I only struggle to find. Yes, he has an occasional lapse into hyper mode, where he has difficulty controlling his limbs, but this is also a child who found a metal pin in shag rug by getting a magnet from the fridge while my best friend and I, 25+ his senior, bent over fervently searching and eventually feeling aghast by his thought process. I'm excited to read this book. I might even go and buy it (gasp!).

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