Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just received the most unexpected and satisfying news!!!!!! I was one of 's winner of a pair of Ethel Gloves ! I am beyond excited! My fellow Gardening, Jesus Loving Sister, Megan told me about these great gloves yesterday and sent me a link to Kathleen's blog where I entered. Thanks, Megan!! Thanks, Kathleen!! You can check out both of their great blogs in the links to the right. I can't wait to get them!!!! :) If you'd like a pair, head on over to Kathleen's Blog, take a look around (not hard to do, it's really an interesting, fun blog) and find out how!

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Katydid said...

I am really happy you won them and I know you'll enjoy them. I finally got mine they were just too pretty to get those first dirt marks on them, kind of like that first scratch on a new car.