Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Rambling

Yesterday we had a curriculum browse with our homeschool group. It was good to be able to see in real life some of the programs I had been hearing about online. For example "Rod and Staff" grammar. Although we're not using it this year, I got to preview it and I think it will work for us.

For one of the first times I'm very settled in our curriculum. I don't feel like changing anything. Usually I get ancy and unsure at these browsings because something is just not fitting right. I think we have found what works for us. That makes me really happy.

Today we will be going to Tiny Town, Colorado. It should be lots of fun. It's in the mountains so it will be a tad cool. It's cool here now. I think we got a good rain last night. Again, another day without watering or the cooler. Yay!

We've been so off this week as far as scheduling. I think that's been the blessing of the blogroll. It kind of keeps you accountable, for those who need to be kept accountable, like myself. LOL. I was just checking out some of the blogs last night. I love to catch a glimpse into other families and "see" how they are using the program and what their school days look like. We'll be back to a more solid schedule next week as we have a pretty laid back week socially. We need to get back to our schedule, though, before it goes out the door.

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