Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just wanted to reflect on our past week's visit to Nebraska. My great-aunt Juanita met and married my Uncle David, who is Mennonite, and moved to NE to farm and start a family. Since then, the Ensz have grown in size. They are truly the kindest, most welcoming, loving people I have had the honor of meeting. I have not ever heard an unkind word spoken from their lips. Although, I have only visited them a handful of times in my 33 years, they make it seem like yesterday that I was in their midst. As Mennonites, they don't believe in using TV's, radios, or computers in their homes. They live very simple, God filled lives. It was an incredible reprieve from the sometimes harried, techno overloaded life we live. We all had ample opportunity to roam their farm. It was literally in the middle of cornfields as far as the eye could see. They have a beautiful garden, bursting with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelons. There were raspberry bushes and blackberry, apple, and pear trees. The farm cat had just had seven sweet kittens. I don't know if you're familiar with the movie "Waiting to Exhale," but it was a wonderful time to do just that- exhale.

Oceans of corn!

Bella hitching a ride with Daddy

Nothing cuter than a new kitten!

A Hawk Moth in the flowers.

That smile stayed glued to his face the whole time!

flower girl

the ubiquitous big, red barn :)

my boys

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