Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Routines

I am sure some of you are still getting into your homeschool routines. I know some people are very routine oriented while others may be more “day-by-day”, and it all depends on your family and what works best for your life-style.

I can't tell you how many times I've started writing a physical schedule with when each subject begins and ends, and when we would have breaks for snack and lunch. No matter how many times I've tried, it just hasn't worked. It's been a blessing to read the other posts and be supported by others who have the same issues. ;)

We rise around 8-8:30am. After getting up and finding my glasses LOL, I go upstairs and make coffee. Gotta have coffee. Then, I prepare breakfast for the kids. It's usually something quick on the weekdays. C knows that after breakfast, he has duties to do in a timely manner if he wants free time before class starts. He must feed the dog & cat & fish, make his bed, and brush his teeth. If it's trash day, or if someone is coming over for a play date, I assign other duties, too. While he's getting his duties done, I get dd dressed and her hair done (that folks, is a job all unto itself ;D). Afterwards, we begin class. I cover the three R's first, so I know they're done. Then we move on to Science, Geography, Art, Spelling, etc. A lot of times, I'll save readings for Science and Geography for read alounds before nap time. We eat lunch around 11am or 12pm. My kids have pretty set stomach timers. LOL. After lunch, there's usually a free moment or two for everyone to unwind before we get back to school. After school, we have some time out of doors, or the kids will watch a TV show. Then, it's nap time. It has to happen before 3 otherwise, it won't happen, which means another trip to Mr. Coffee. After nap is a snack and the kids will go outside until dinnertime while mommy does computer time or Bible study. It is my goal to move things around so God gets my time first thing in the morning. I really hope to do that in the next month.

If you'd like to check out other schedules, please click on the Homeschool Memoirs graphic to the right. I tried to make the above graphic link to HSBA, but I'm just not that talented ;D


JAN said...

Whew! I have tried doing the same thing, but our schedule on paper never works either. Ha! It sounds like our schedules are pretty similar. That makes me feel better. I'm not the only one who can make and schedule and not stick to it. LOL!

karly said...

Love your schedule! And, I can make a mean schedule... and not stick to it. :)

Thanks for stopping by!