Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekly Review 9.26.08

Usually I participate in the Heart of the Matter Meme for Friday. However, I'm still organizing my organizing, so I'll have to write that at another date. I figured, I'd do a weekly review, since I haven't done one in awhile.

One thing I did invest in organization-wise is an old fashioned Daily Lesson Plan Book.

This is honestly the one thing I purchased on our venture to Bank's last week that I am way more excited about than I ought to be. You homeschoolers get it, don't you? Please, say, "yes". ;) For many months, I have been trying to keep track of our subjects and goings on via forms printed off the Internet. Most recently this one. So, when I saw the Waverly Daily Lesson Plan Book -No. 670w-, I knew it would be a practical investment, if not for the ink I was saving, but my sanity, too. It's all spiral bound, so I don't have to chase down multiple pieces of loose paper that have mysteriously grown legs. I've tried Homeschool Tracker. As handy as it is, I just needed an old fashioned paper & pencil. Perhaps I'll change my mind later. So, I've been using our lesson plan book for the first time this week.

One of our more recent accomplishments has been C's newfound enjoyment of reading. This happened sometime around the time my parents visited. I found DK Lego books that had both a storyline, and factual information regarding characters and activities the little Lego people partake. So, on that note, he has been devouring these books. We ran out of books, so we moved on to another of his favorite subjects, Bionicle's. Notice a theme here? :) I think his proficiency to read has now gotten to the point where he can enjoy these chapter books, without feeling like they're too difficult. So, he has been reading independently for about 30 minutes each day.

We are still reviewing the United States state names. We've come up with nifty little ways to remember some of the states. For example, Nevada has a "v" shape at the bottom. We divided the nation in half and are working on the Western half. Admittedly, I am going to need some help in the Northeast, myself. We'll be learning this together.

We continue to travel our Father's world with MFW ECC. We're visiting Mexico for the next couple weeks. This week we talked a little about Mexico's history. It truly is fascinating how many times this young country has had to fight for it's independence! In addition, we've studied the Mayans and Aztecs, and the arrival of Cortes.

We completed our study on desert habitats this week and started studying butterflies and moths. Coincidentally we recorded a Magic Schoolbus episode on deserts, so C was able to watch that for the end of our lesson. I see a package of Painted Lady larvae arriving via USPS in our near future.

The week came to a bit of an early end today. I had intended to hs, but my youngest has been sick for the past couple days. The nights seem more challenging, as she is congested and coughing & can't seem to sleep. Today, I decided I had better take her to the doctor. So, we spent about half the day getting seen and getting medication for an ear infection. I didn't see that coming! She's now getting a well needed rest & I'm a little tuckered out, so we may just be doing an evening homeschool today.


SmallWorld at Home said...

YES--I get it. I totally get how exciting a planner can be!

tina said...

See, I'm not totally crazy!

Sara said...

Isn't it funny the things that we can get excited about? I get it too! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your trip through Mexico...we did too!