Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunflower Farm

Yesterday was Field Trip Friday. We were anxious to see our friends, whom we had not seen in a couple weeks. Moreso, we were anxious to run wild and free (or I was anxious for the children to run wild and free as they had a bit of cabin fever). So, Sunflower Farms in Longmont, Colorado was just the ticket.

Sunflower is a working farm complete with livestock, roaming chickens, and lots of hands on activities. The children were encouraged to feed the goats and llama by the very friendly owner. I steered clear of the llama, I have llama issues. I understand their purpose, I don't understand the spitting. A large treehouse with suspension bridges brought back memories of Swiss Family Robinson. See, there were no llamas in their family and everything ran smoothly.

In true Cristian Fashion, my boy took off. A zip line served as a big source of fun, as well as hay bales. The hay bales formed a fort and anything that forms a fort will entertain my son for a great deal of time. He didn't care much for the animals, although he was sweet on the rabbits. No horse rides for this boy.

Isabella had other, not so messy ventures. She stared intently at the roaming rooster for awhile, who crowed for no apparent reason. I don't know a thing about roosters so maybe someone can enlighten me. She spent quite a bit of time on the tire swings. Ah, such simple pleasures. Rope swing on a Fall day, out in the quiet of the farm. (sigh!) Isabella also road Cinnamon the Shetland Pony, who was about done. Or, maybe horses always make that harumph noise.

Here are some pictures of our Friday Field Trip. I hope you enjoy!

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