Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekly Rewind

Whew! What a week! I cannot believe all the things that happened! Of course this means that homeschooling was a little lacking. We will try our best to make up for it next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday were appointment days. We live about 30 miles from the military base here, which means about 30 miles from the place we go to get seen for medical care. Praise, God, we're a healthy family. On this occasion to go see the doctors, it had to do with my feeling pain in my right leg again. About two and a half years ago, right after Bella was born, I was feeling this pain in my leg. After an MRI, they found out I had a neurofibroma tumor. It was a crazy time, let me tell you. It was benign, thank you, Jesus! So, when the weather started getting cooler, my leg started aching again. Feeling a little concerned I decided to go get it checked out. Let me tell you this hospital is SO much more efficient than the last one. I had an appointment to get a referral Tuesday, my MRI was on Wednesday. I had my results on Thursday. And I'm in the clear, woohoo!!! Praise our Lord God!!!

Okay, so what was my excuse for not hs'ing today? Well the answer to that is another praise report. My hubby was promoted today! In the Army they have a little formation where (in this case) the other soldiers from the Recruiting Stations come together to celebrate the promotions. The Commander reads a bit from the official dealy ma bobber (yes, that's what it's called ;D). I then got to put on Ron's new rank, after the Commander took it off. Back in the day, it was "pinning". Now, that they have the new "digital" uniforms where everything is Velcro, it's more like "pushing really hard until the hooks catch". Yay, Ron!!! He's worked very hard to get here, and we're so proud of him!!!

So, here's a run down on our homeschooling review:

We finished Canada in My Father's World. I threw in a couple books about Champlain and Cartier this week. C labeled all the provinces. Next week we're on to Brazil!

So, we finished rivers and lakes in Canada for Science. C learned about beavers and herons and salmon. It's just so awesome how things fit together with homeschooling! I have "The Magic Schoolbus" on DVR and one of the shows this week was on salmon!!! I love it when that happens. We'll be moving on to rainforests in our new country.

We worked on rounding to the thousands place in Math U See, as well as adding numbers with a thousands place.

We worked with the /k/ sound in All About Spelling.

And that's about it, folks. It's been fun sharing our week's happenings with you. You all have a wonderful Friday. For those of you who do trick o' treating, have fun! I'm off to carve pumpkins! :)


JAN said...

Tell Ron congratulations!!! Does that mean you don't have to move? ;)

SmallWorld at Home said...

SO glad you had such a good week! Hope your pumpkins turned out well!

lavendergardener said...

Yeah Ron! Yeah T! That is wonderful, wonderful news!!!