Monday, December 22, 2008

Homeschooling Month in Review

I haven't posted much on my alter ego the homeschooling mommy, but we've been very busy with homeschooling even though Christmas is coming on like a bullet train. I've been tweaking the curriculum of My Father's World a bit, so we're not exactly on that schedule, but I'm more than okay with it. When I started hs'ing I was repeatedly told that one should not be a servant to the curriculum. I have slowly realized the importance of that statement. :) So, we just finished up studying a little more on South America, including the Incas, Peru, the Andes; Central America and the Caribbean, including the mangroves that miraculously grow there and the incredible diversity of cultures. Next, we will move on to studying the Middle East.

We've been moving through Math U See and All About Spelling rapidly. The multi sensory methods of these programs is so effective with C! I will be ordering the next levels in the next month. I know I've said this before, but I highly recommend these programs

We started using Pathway Readers. I have consistently asked C to complete one chapter a school day and we follow up with the workbook orally. I think we're slowly moving toward a happy place with reading. He is picking up books on his own during free time and WANTING to read. It's so exciting!

We took a break from Noeo to study rainforests when we studied South America, but now we'll be returning. So we'll be studying woodland forests and birds next.

Isabella has shown a great interest in homeschooling. She has picked up so much just by sitting in on my lessons with C with regards to geography & science. This week I picked up Bob Books for her and we sat down and worked with them a bit. I'll be getting a formal reading program for her as I really think she's ready to read :).

I have had some people ask me in the past year whether I will always homeschool. Because of our upcoming move and the financial strains of a single income household, I've also faced the question of whether we should continue. I've earnestly gone to prayer about this, as well as talked it over with Ron. Repeatedly, we've been assured that this is God's plan for us. I am confident that should this change, we will know. No, it's not for everyone. I know there are folks out there that don't understand it and don't agree with it, that somehow we're harming our children. Always, I respect everyone's opinions, and consider different perspectives. I have a calm and a peace that this is the right place for us, and that's all I can say. We really, fully enjoy being with our children and teaching them. We see everyday the blessings of this path. :)


Scrapper Mom said...

Kudos to you :) I fully intend to homeschool my son for many reasons and it is so frustrating to encounter all of the negativity that ppl feel they have a right to share about it.

Lorie said...

Good for you for homeschooling! I hope you get some time off for the holidays! ;D

Jennifer said...

I know that it's sometimes hard to stay at home and live on one income, but it's so worth being able to spend time with your kids!
Where are you guys moving to??

SmallWorld at Home said...

December is just about a total wash for us for homeschooling at home. But we've gotten lots of other good learning opportunities in! This break always helps to make us refocused and excited when January rolls around!