Thursday, December 11, 2008

Need to go retro?

I love the Land of Nod. They have such cute decor and ideas. However, we are not nearly financially endowed enough to afford the Land of Nod, or PB Kids. In their last issue, I was particularly excited by this:

C is a space NUT. He loves all things robot, space ship, astronaut. So, I was drawn to these for his bedroom. Space for him, the whole retro aspect for me. :D Hey, at least I'm honest, right?

Unfortunately, the price is a little high. Not one to give up that easy, I use the power of Google & this is the jackpot I come up with... ready... Tack-o-Rama. Free (that's right, free) retro clipart. In my case, this would be quite handy:

But say, you want this:

Go to Tack-o-Rama! They even have fun retro Christmas images right now for free!



SmallWorld at Home said...

I love those retro robots! How fabulous. I wish I won a shopping spree! Oh--and I love your new header!

tomiannie said...

What an awesome site! Thanks for the link!