Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been SO blessed....

Never in a million years did I think starting a blog on blogger would upside down my world! Never! My best friend, Megan, encouraged me to do it. So I reluctantly crawled out of my shell and did so. It's only been an incredible ride since then. :)

I've met an incredible sisterhood of homeschoolers. →. They've blessed me continuously!

This past summer, I was crazy enough to take on a hobby of scrapbooking. This quickly led to an addiction. The paper addiction. There are so many amazing papercrafters out there!

Among them, Chimene. Chimene lives the Netherlands & I see her as a catalyst for my creative side. Everytime I see her pages, I get inspired.

Another is Lori. Lori is a new friend, but we share the bond of paper love & homeschooling. I have been blessed to be on Cuttlebug Challenges with her!

These two amazing women have gifted me with these awards. In the spirit of another beautiful friend, Alisa, "we all know everyone in this fabulous community deserves them!", Amen!!!!


Amber said...

Tina, I think you read my mind has been so wonderful meeting new friends thru blogging and I was sooo nervous about starting a blog and posting my work! Your 2 Sketches card is adorable, love it. Looking forward to working with you at CB!

Chimene said...

Ohh, I,m blushing now!! What a sweet words:) Thank you so much!

But I feel the same, it is so great to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world!

Thanks Tina, you really made my day:)