Friday, April 10, 2009

Operation Bunny Rabbit

I just had to do covert operations to WM for Easter goodies. It has just snuck up on me! On top of that, my oldest discovered some of the treats in the back of the car (note to self: not a good place to stash covert operation materials)! My cover was in danger of being blown, so I had to go exchange the materials for new ones. Innocence is so fleeting, I'd like to keep it around as long as possible. Anyone else completely not prepared for being the bunny this year?

In tune with the great celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and the new season that is upon us, PaperBlooms has another challenge! Create an Easter/Spring themed box!!! Go check out the beautiful creations of the PaperBlooms DT at PaperBlooms and Leah's beautiful PaperBlooms at her Etsy.


Cassie said...

Every year I'm terrified that they will find out or discover the stash, but so far so good. This year I actually got to shop with my husband for the bunnies goodies to them. I agree, innocence is fleeting and they need to hang on to it as long as possible. It helps them to keep that child-like faith that Jesus talked about so endearingly.

Casii said...

Mine have long since passed the belief mark, but I still have a fun time surprising them.

This year it's a Green Easter theme. hehehe Their tree hugging mom is going overboard.

Vicki C said...

Super CUTE! Wishing you a Happy Easter also!!

jacque4u2c said...

WOW! You just did an amazing job with the challenge! Thanks for joining in!