Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When the kids go to bed... I ramble

We've had a crazy couple of weeks settling in, but I really think we're about there. We're trying to get back into our old routines. We've met with one of the local homeschool groups a couple of times and we are meeting new people. Being the introvert that I am, it's a challenge, but it gets easier and easier.

Today we joined one of the families we met and headed to the Mayborn Museum in Waco. It was a little ways away, but it was really worth it. It is housed in an amazing building with a rotunda and columns. But don't let the classic beauty of this building sway you, this is a fully interactive museum geared toward kids. We had a lot of fun exploring the local animals and plants, local Native American groups, and mammoth bones. Furthermore, this was really the push I needed to break out of my hobbit mode and get out and get to know our new surroundings. Sometimes that's what I need, a little exploring.

On another note, we're trying something new. We've been experiencing A LOT of excessively active behavior from C. I mean, he's an active child as it is. I love that about him!!! He takes on his environment with full gusto. However, lately it's as though he doesn't hear us at all, or he does and disregards our words. It had become REALLY frustrating. I had thought that it might be because of the move, so we talked about some of that and tried harder to find some consistency in the house. Yet, it continued. We tried finding activities to exert some of this energy. But it continued. Then, I thought I'd try something I'd been chewing on for awhile. Going dairy free. I have suspected there being a dairy sensitivity for some time, but because dairy is in about 65% of what we eat, I was reluctant to try it. A few days ago I took the plunge. The effect has been nothing short of remarkable. Wow! The impulsive behavior has gone down so markedly. The fighting between he & his sister has decreased. He is a lot more inclined to listen to direction. The temper tantrums have nearly disappeared. Now, it could just be the ebb and flow of things, that's always how my little guy has been, sometimes up sometimes down. However, it's enough for me to sit up and take notice.

I finally bought two new games to go with our Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum. I got 10 Days in Africa and 10 Days in Asia (we're studying Asia now). I think it will really help us (myself included) with the geography of places we're learning about. This is ideal for the way that C learns, too. So, I'm really excited about it.

Whew! This was a long one, but it's been awhile since I posted about our goings on. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for listening. Or, reading. Or... oh, well, you know! Good night.


Cassie said...

Glad to hear you're finding your groove. I'm a very routine person and a bit of a introvert myself, which is funny because I used to be quite an extrovert. I do my best to branch out, but find that with another deployment just months away we are are sticking close to each other and not branching out much. God Bless you, Tina ;)

SmallWorld at Home said...

Wow! Congrats on taking the dairy plunge! I'm always amazed when I hear how much diet can make a difference!

Alisa said...

Glad you are settling in.

Isn't it amazing the effect foods can have on children! I'm happy for the both of you, that he's doing better.