Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I was one of the millions of girls who swooned over Michael Jackson as a tween. Musicwise, how could you not just want to move about when you hear his music? Perhaps a certain song envokes some sort of 80s memory for you. I know several do for me. LOL.

Last night before leaving for our movie we heard news that this legend had stopped breathing. When we returned from the movie, he was gone. Absolutely shocking. I pray he has found the peace it seemed his soul longed for.

In memory, I'm posting my favorite M.J. song (if you'd like to mute the profile music, it's in the footer):

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Kara Ward said...

So sad...he was such a part of my teen years. I even went to his concert in my red plastic heels...long gloves and short mini skirt.