Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Nemesis

Here in Texas there is a notorious foe, the red ant. We have been fighting this small but nasty creature ALL SUMMER.

Although I'm a serious hater of toxic chemicals, we dropped pesticide granules in the yard and sprayed with Ortho Home Defense. I even resorted to taping up the spots they were coming in with packing tape. Yet they continued to come in. I wish I could show you how badly I was bitten. Praise GOD they didn't get the kids. They did get Ron, but he didn't react nearly the way I did. I did get this picture off the Internet that is very close to how it looked everytime I was bit.

Although I moan about it, I found MUCH worse pictures of red ant aftermath while trying to find pictures of my bites.

Pretty much nothing worked... until we found the James Bond 007 of sprays. Oh, and it's au natural!

Yes, I know I could've probably concocted something quite the same with my own brew of spices, but I didn't have these spices. So, if I'm going to the grocery, I might as well buy it already made, yes? BTW, if you Google this you'll find ridonkulous prices on this product that I didn't pay, so shop around.

Erin, you can get this at the Ft. Hood Commissary. Stock up, sister, you'll need it. :)


Jennifer said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I feel your pain.

We spent 3 yrs in San Antonio and another 2 at Ft. Hood. We had tons of ants. I actually think that our house in San Antonio was a monster-sized ant farm. All we needed were clear walls!!
I definitely don't miss that about Texas :)

Kara Ward said...

When I was in Fort Worth, I got bite by one at a playground. Oh, it hurt so bad. I feel your pain. Those mean little beast!

Alisa said...

I know... they are terrible, aren't they?!


Sprinkle cinnamon where they are coming in and they won't cross over it. I picked this tid bit up at an organic farm on the island my parents live on. Came home and tried it and it worked like a charm!

Samantha said...

Oh gosh, this sounds horrible. Don't have those. We have the pest control come spray to keep the fleas away.

Anonymous said...

Ewww they dont look very pretty..hope you got them sorted.....