Friday, August 7, 2009


About a week ago I read this post on Travelingmama's blog and I was deeply moved by it. It has popped up in my mind during the various times I've papercrafted this week. I know I'm still on the journey to my creative style. I love all things old and vintage. I'm drawn to these things. But, I also love color. I don't want to always stick to the tea dyed, muted colors. Sometimes I want a punch. :) So, I've been thinking about how to stay true to myself and not get caught up in what I want others to like. I do want people to enjoy my pieces, but more importantly I want to do it because it's an outlet for me. Does that make sense? I've found that praying before I do a card has helped. :) What do you do to stay true to your creative style and not get caught up in people pleasing?


Leah said...

Tina- I have struggled with the same thing at times, trying to mold myself into what I think will get noticed or liked the most even if it's not really "me". I agree that praying and consciously creating because I enjoy it and to give God glory helps my creativity immensely and realizing that not every thing I make will be a masterpiece and that's okay. I also try to give myself liberty to try new things and decide if I like it or not regardless of what others think. Hugs to you!

stephanne said...

Thought I would leave you my thoughts on this:
You have the right to like what YOU like, whether it's the next big thing, or an oldie but goodie, or maybe even a total miss on the crafting scene, it doesn't matter, so long as YOU like it. When you enjoy what you are working with, it shows, whether it is fashionable or not. The most important thing is that you enjoy the journey, and if, at the end of a project, you are proud of what you've done, then you know you've made the right design choices.