Friday, September 25, 2009

9/21-9/25 Quinata Academy Week in Review

This was our first week back after a long period away. With the move and Ron leaving, I put formal sit down learning on the back burner. This week we continue learning about the continent of Africa with the country of Somalia. When I showed it to the kids on the world map, Bella promptly said, "It looks like a 7!" Why, yes it does! And now I can easily spot Somailia on a world map.

Along with Somalia, we're learning about African animals in general. Somalia's symbol is the Cheetah, so C is reading about this amazing animal. Last night we read Looking for Miza a book about gorillas in the Congo. It's so sad to hear how few of these beautiful animals are left. Looking for Miza is an amazing book, I highly suggest it. Here is a correlating website.

Yesterday we were excited to be invited by our friends on a nature walk at the Rio Grande Nature Center. Our nature study was about cattails. We also got to see hummingbirds, tadpoles, turtles, and the mighty Rio Grande. We had a great time & it was so good to see Cari & her kids!

Today we're hoping to make it to ¡GLOBALQUERQUE! at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

So this is our week. How was yours?


Cassie said...

Sounds like a great week! We have today off, since Jim has a 4 day. He'll be leaving within the next 2 weeks for his 3rd tour. . .ohh the Army. I'll be praying for you all, Tina ;)

Brandi said...

That sounds fantastic! Our week was full of doctor check-ups and dental visits for the older boys, so we had a couple of short school days. I think we may even need to do a little work Saturday so we're not behind for Monday. I'm sure the boys will ♥ that! :) Have a great weekend!