Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our first day...

...with Roots and Shoots was today. We went to volunteer for two hours at the new Roadrunner Food Bank warehouse. Everyone was so nice. Cari was so right, there's a great vibe with the group. We scrubbed in and put on lab coats, hair nets, and gloves, then got to work. For most of our time we counted Sweet N Low packets & put them in Ziploc bags for food boxes for the elderly. Later C helped build boxes, load them with pasta, and label them. Afterwards we were taken on a tour of the facility. A large bay area held pallets of donated and purchased food~ large bags of potatoes, nonperishables, and Ziploc bags. We were shown what a box made for a Senior citizen who might otherwise go without food in order to pay for meds might look like. On the next table was an example of backpacks given out at schools throughout the state for children who may be missing meals at home. One in four children in NM are at risk for starvation. It's soul stirring. We got to walk in the refrigerated area, a lot like Costco's fridge room. Then, we walked in the freezer room. Brrrr. We were told a great thing for the RRFB to receive is fresh fruits and vegetables, although they are grateful for all donations and volunteers. We had a great experience.

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