Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RIP Nikon Coolpix

I have this terrible, terrible habit of not completely closing my water bottle & throwing it in a huge bag of electronic devices. Yes, seriously. Tonight I went to go take a picture of one of my cards for So Sketchy! and it seriously snorted at me and said, "Yeah, right." You see, upon our great trip to the pumpkin patch, I committed the above foible. Thank you, Jesus, (I mean that literally not in vain) that I did not have my cell phone down there, too. I've ruined plenty of those with above foible, not to mention in my front loader. I am a girl with many flaws, many of them quite humorous. So, tonight I write this in memory of my Nikon CoolPix. You were a great camera. I don't fancy explaining this to my mom. I would say Ron, too, but he's so used to my crazy antics it just doesn't even surprise him anymore. Love you, babe. Okay. Done rambling. Going to bed.


LORi said...

You are too funny Girlfriend!!! Just giving my condolences for your little friend!!!

Cindy Lee said...

Aww...I hope you will repair your camera soon :)

PaperTree Designs said...

LMHO I thought I was the only girl who did this!!! Ive also put several mobiles through the washing machine too! Some of them even worked aftere I dried them out. shhh dont tell my hubby. ;-)