Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are you ready???

I have my tickets bought (thanks to my sis in law, Sandra).

I have my shirt bought (thanks, CafePress)

I have a babysitter lined up (thanks, Mom).

I'm all set to go for New Moon.

New Moon Graphics & Comments

What are your plans for the weekend?


margie c said...

OME! That is an awesome shirt!!!
I can't believe that I didn't get one! I'll have to wear my Twillight watch ;)
Enjoy it!!! I'm sooo happy that it is finally here!!!
{{Sparklely Hugs}},

Cindy Lee said...

I'm so going to watch this movie!! And we can talk about it later :)

Thanks for your encouraging words, Tina! You are so sweet! **Hugs**

Scrappy Witch said...

I am so envious! I didn't get the tickets on time like I did with Harry Potter. I promised my daughter I would take her to the midnight showing like HP, but all midnight showings within a 100 mile radius was sold out! I love her to death, but mommy is not going to the 3am showing 100 miles away! I will be there with bells on the next morning if she likes, but not that early in the morning! Have fun, tell me what you thought of it! I loved the book, and always like to compare the two.


Samantha said...


Your blog design looks great! i will be at new Moon too and then Sushi!!

jennifer said...

We won't get to watch it this weekend but my girls and I will see it one day next week. We're excited!!

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the movie!!