Monday, November 9, 2009

Hmmm, Quinata Academy Review bi-weekly?

I'm thinking that this is the path we're headed, not because of lack of activity, but because I'm just so bad about posting our going's on...

We've been focusing primarily on stamping down double digit multiplication. I think we've finally got it. My dear, dear son is quite visual and asked that I draw out how each problem should be accomplished, complete with arrows. Toward the end, the arrows were unneccessary, so that is good.

I ordered QUITE a bit of the curriculum we'll be using after the New Year. Since we're a one income family, I tend to look for used curriculum, so I'm able to keep within budget. I chose to go for Pandia Press' History Odyssey: The Ancients and R.E.A.L. Science Earth Science. We're going to continue with Math U See. I've already ordered the Delta for C & the Primer for B. I also ordered Rod & Staff Beginning Wisely for Language Arts.

This past week we were SO blessed to see a fabulous rendition of Strega Nona at Popejoy's Schooltime Series. Can I just say I LOVE these series?! Thank you, Cari, for giving us the head's up about these fab productions. The kids loved it, too.

Afterwards, we hung out with Cari & her kids & her sweet, sweet pup, Max. I could seriously take him home & I'm considering doing it while she's not looking.

This past weekend we headed south to see my brother & my lovely sister in law in Las Cruces. I'm reminded of part of the reason we continue the road of homeschooling because of our flexibility in visiting others. Also, in seeing how well my 8 year old interacts with his 4 year old cousin. They played like best pals.

C was so loving & gentle to Talia, the baby of our family at 18 months. Here's a picture of him pushing her around in a box.

Dexter enjoyed visiting his cousin, Beau, too...

I hope you all had a fab couple of weeks.

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