Saturday, February 13, 2010

q academy week in review

Wow! It seems like this week has just FLOWN! We've been busy with stuff out of the house, which has been a nice change as we've been homebodies for the past few weeks. On Monday we saw Chasing George Washington as part of Popejoy's Schooltime Series. It was really cute, funny & it actually taught the kids a lot. My 5 year old got a lot out of it & it's geared for kids almost twice her age. So if you get a chance, go see it.

On Tuesday we were back to school. With Cristian, we are working on multiple digit multiplication with regrouping. I think we may be working on this for awhile. It's a lot to remember!

With History Odyssey we are discovering early people. We've been enjoying lots of great books from the library, fiction and nonfiction alike. We loved Mik's Mammoth, Sunset of the Sabertooth, and How People First Lived I think I'm just getting the hang of the library system here in Albuquerque. Next week is Mesopotamia.

With science we discovered the reasons for the seasons. Basically how the Earth's tilt and revolution around the sun create our seasons. A great book for this was Gail Gibbon's The Reasons for Seasons. Bella was especially intrigued by this. Next week we'll be working on the water cycle with help from an old favorite, The Magic Schoolbus.

This past Wednesday we got together with our local Roots and Shoots group. We're helping out all our migratory birds by making bird feeders. We used the pinecone with peanut butter & birdseed. We also used fresh fruit, nuts & popcorn and strung them on strings. Bella very much insisted on bringing her's home as opposed to leaving them at the Open Space Visitor's Center, so we are eager to see what feathered friends her bird food attracts. Right now they look a little odd hanging on a bare tree. :P

Today we ventured out to the mountains for Cristian's Junior First Lego League class. I am really loving this team & its teachers. All the kids are public schooled in San Antonito, a small public school in the mountains. The instructors are engaging, friendly, and most of all fun. I heard tonight that there are closer JFLL's, but I'm willing to make the drive for this one. I think Cristian's grown quite attached to it.

Finally, I'd like to say an early Happy Chinese New Year. We actively celebrate the holiday in our household because both Ron and I are of Asian background. One of the books we found that I ABSOLUTELY love is The Runaway Rice Cake by Ying Chang Compestine. It's so cute. Also, C was watching Avatar today & noticed the character was named nian-gao, which means "rice cake" in Chinese. I know my mom will be over the moon. So, Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Friday to you all!

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