Saturday, July 10, 2010

friday flowers

My lovely friend, Alisa, has been posting pictures from her etheral garden since Spring. She calls it Friday Flowers. I thought I'd join her this week as I finally have flowers!

My trusty squash plant has been pumping out lots of squash. I'm actually excited to say BEFORE my mom's. This is a feat if you knew what a serious gardener my mom is.

Zinnias! Finally! I have been trying to get zinnia flowers from seed since I've started gardening. It's not easy for me.

A container pot on my porch.

...and finally... say hello to my little friends...

We found these critters munching my mom's pansies yesterday. Bella had been begging for one of those butterfly habitats for awhile. We did one for Cristian in Colorado, but she was too young to remember. We're hoping these little guys will let us watch them turn into butterflies. My mom was more than happy to be rid of them.


Alisa said...

Oh, what lovely colors!
I did a Friday's Flowers post today, so I'll add this link to it.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Sorry to see those critters munching those pansies :( Maybe they will help a butterfly garden prosper!

teacher jessy said...

Those are pretty blossoms!! Love the vibrant colors :)