Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i went, i saw, i conquered...

I lost my Twilight Buddy this time around. My sister in law decided to go with her hubby. So, when Eclipse came out this past week I was at a loss for fellow Twilight lovers.

My BFF replied, "I'll watch your kids but I'm not going." She sat throught Twilight with me just to be polite ;)

Ultimately, I was left to my own resources...literally. Saturday night I got some moxie and I bought a solo ticket to Eclipse via Fandango. I was half mortified, half empowered. I'm 35, it's a little daunting going into a movie geared toward Tween-Teen-Whathaveyou solo.

I was comforted because...

~I have no issue being in my own company. There are times I actually prefer it... sometimes crave it.

~ I wouldn't have to scramble for more than one seat. Ever try to save more than one seat @ a popular movie. You might as well sell your kidney.

~It was the first showing of the day~ I got a fab price on my ticket (not to mention I snuck in a Coca-Cola)... yes, I'm a rebel :D).

~I didn't stand in a ridiculous line like I did with New Moon. Even though we didn't go to a first showing, we still stood in a line for like 45 minutes before the show.

Today, I went to my seat of choice and did my best not to budge. I had to move over once so a family could sit together.

To be frank, I thought solo movie going was for the lonely, the suspicious. Today, I went to my own solo movie. No one to slap arms with when Taylor Lautner pranced around shirtless, no one to ooo the love scenes, or jump at the action, but I feel like I conquered my own little bit of social taboo and maybe it's only a bit in my own imagination.

I write this for all you all doing whatever you can to hold up a family. You know you need some time solo. Don't be inhibited by the "rules" of our society... Sometimes alone is the only company you need.


Cassie said...

AMEN, sister! I'd high five you if I could! I have never done what you did, but I have to say that I understand how you feel. I've gone to restaurants by myself, because I just needed the time without little ones. I'm feelin' ya, Tina ;D

Samantha said...

My Twilight partner moved to Hawaii and I am waiting around around right now for another girlfriend to watch #1 and #2, she's got one week before I go see it alone!

~*Joni said...

LOVE this post! I get out by myself as much as possible, it is so important to love being alone and not feeling lonely. ;) I am curious to see what you thought of Eclipse!! I've been wanting to discuss it with fellow Twifans. Off to comment on your other fabulous work...heehee! Btw, I was so excited when my almost 15 year old son told me he went to see The Last Airbender by himself when his friends didn't show. :D