Sunday, August 22, 2010

a day in our life...

What is a day in our life like? Well, to be frankly honest it depends on the day. We are active in our homeschool group, Roots and Shoots, and Popejoy's Schooltime Series. Sometimes this digs into our "regular" school time and we can't follow an 8am-3pm schedule. Really, part of the benefit of homeschool is that we complete all subjects, including life skills, only in much less time. Not to mention there's individualized attention to each student and a curriculum designed for them, but I digress. Here is our schedule more or less...

8am Just about everyone is up by now. Mom has coffee brewed. The kids have some downtime, while Mom checks email & such.

9am Everyone's been fed by now. It's time to encourage hygiene & getting dressed.

9:30am-10am abouts Let's boogee! Unless we have park day or a play, I usually start C off with something parent involved while Isabella works on the computer or has free time. C's subjects that are parent-involved are:
~social studies

If Cristian's familiar with the content, he can read, do math, and handwriting independently. During this time I work on Bob Books, Handwriting, and Math with Bella. She joins us for History, Bible/Character, and Science.

2pm We are usually done for the day! Yay! Now, it's time for jobs around the house. Earlier in the day, C fed & watered the dog. Bella fed (if necessary) and watered the cat. Now, I might ask for C to take out the trash and do general clean up of his things. I might ask Bella to clean the bathroom sink or do general clean up. Then it's free time!

Thanks for joining us on our day. I look forward to learning what you all do with your schedules, too.

This is the last in a series devoted to the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter. Thanks for joining me :)


Brandi said...

We just finished up our first week. Sort of a warm-up week. We started back a little early so that we could get a routine going before the baby.

What is the age difference between C & B? This is my first year schooling 2 kids. Bubba is 4 yrs older than Lil' Bub and it's a little hectic. I try to get Bubba started on something (and LB interrupts) and then I sit down with LB to get started w/him and then Bubba either interrupts or I realize he's not doing his work b/c he's watching and listening to what we're doing.

It wasn't a terrible 1st week, but we definitely have some kinks to work out.

Theresa said...

This post is so helpful to me! Since this is our first year homeschooling and we have joined a co-op and some other things, each day could be a little, I am not sure how our routine will go...but this was very helpful! thank you :)

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post~ we try to be done around 2 also. I am now following your blog

trisha too said...

We start our year tomorrow--but my "babies" are 8th and 10th grade! It's delightful when they can do independent studies, but they still want mom to teach them, too.