Monday, August 16, 2010

roster for quinata academy 2010-2011

We're in another year of the pursuit of creative learning here at Quinata Academy. Here are the students that I am blessed to teach and love:

Cristian is our 9 year old son. He loves Legos and Star Wars. He was our inspiration to pursue home schooling 5 years ago, and we're so glad we did. He's a very kinesthetic/multi sensory learner.

Isabella is our six year old love bug. She loves cuddles and sparkles and unicorns. She's our sing song, imaginative child. Don't be surprised if you find her quietly carrying out a conversation between two unlikely objects.

Thank you for reading about our star pupils! We look forward to learning about yours.


HippieMommy said...

They are getting so big!!

And oh my goodness, my girls are crazy for unicorns right now too. Julia checked out the entire Goldilicious/Pinkalicious/Purplicious series since Golidilicious is all about a unicorn. She also figured out where the unicorn section is at the library. We must have a dozen unicorn books floating in and out of our house, lol.

teacher jessy said...

They are such beautiful children!! Gosh I would love to teach adorable children like yours! Thanks for sharing their profiles to us :)

Melissa said...

What adorable children you have!

Sarah Martina said...

Gorgeous! Oh how I'd love to home school my kiddos. :)