Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's been a doozie of a month. Ron's been gone about that time. We're trying to settle into a schedule here, but we're being thrown obstacles in the way of dying hamsters and long lasting colds {namely me}.

Ron bought two little hamsters before he left. One for Cristian, one for Bella. A couple weeks ago I woke up & saw C's hamster just kind of lying on the floor of the cage. I tried to pick it up & it seemed like rigor mortis was already settling in although her little whiskered nose was still twitching. So sad. I debated for awhile about what to do. Should I:

a) contact an exotic animal vet & have her seen?


b) find a soft place for her to die & replace her with a look a like?

Well, the mommy softie came out & I called a vet. My mom thought I was crazy. "Tell him that it ran away and get him another one." I just couldn't do it, Mom, sorry. The prognosis was bad. Way bad. Not only that, it was bad for Bella's hamster, too. Ironically, Bella's hamster had completely ditched her companion, only coming close to fetch water & food. I guess hamsters are not into long term care for the sick.

I explained the bad news to C. I hit the Net looking for possible help in what the vet called "futile" for Bella's hamster. Long story shorter.... Bella's hamster has lived with the help of an OTC rodent {ahem} medicine.

This has gone down in the midst of a cold that just WON'T GO AWAY!!! I've been confined to my house often hacking up a lung. My folks have been great about taking my kids and letting me rest. Mom's been bringing meals by. I think I'm finally seeing the downward slide to this thing.

So, I thought I might venture out to find a little critter to fill the cage of C's departed hamster. Well, C had a dwarf hamster. The local pet shop's hamsters were ENORMOUS in comparison. Luckily, we were in the midst of very cute gerbils. Gerbils seem to be a little bit more sociable than hamsters. C & B's hamsters were all about chomping down on us when we approached them, so this was very attractive. Too, they like other gerbils in their midst, so two gerbils were in order. Luckily, new 5wk old siblings had just arrived. So, we left with Choppy and Chippy. Hopefully their names won't imply that they will Chip & Chop at us.

As I've been stuck at home, I figured I'd get a going with the Christmas cards, right? Here are a couple cards I have created. I think I might be finally getting my mojo back. Now to figure out how to clear out my living room floor...

Sorry about the picture quality. I'm still trying to figure out this Mac!!! Ron was a sweetheart & got me an early Christmas gift! I ♥ it but it's like learning a new language. :P

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays! Remember you have 2 more days to tell me about what you're grateful for this Holiday season to enter my Gratitude Giveaway & By Lori Designs fab Gift Certificate. I've loved reading what Casii, Theresa & Karen have written. Thanks so much, ladies!


Theresa said...

I hope you are feeling better!!

Sorry to hear about the hamsters:(

Hope the gerbils work out waaay better :)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Gorgeous cards Tina! Lovin all the beautiful details! I hope things settle down for you :) Thank you and your family for the sacrifice for our Country :)

Silvia said...

Stunning cards, Tina! They are so gorgeous.

Samantha Sibbet said...

Happy New Year. I just caught up on your posts! I missed a bunch. For Christmas, my mom got me a MAC, what a surprise and I sure have no idea of what I am doing!!