Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bindweed, indeed!

I have been ignorantly admiring the beautiful white blanket of mini morning glories gracing our lawn. I would sigh in the early morning when I would go out to inspect my pots and raised garden. To my dismay, a friend informed me yesterday that these were not morning glories, but a noxious weed that must be eradicated, not adored. So, I find myself trying to find organic solutions to our beautiful calamity, but have been quite unhappy to discover that there appear to be none, apart from pulling, pulling and more pulling. As it has really done a number on our lawn, I'm very afraid of what it will look like afterwards. What a mess!


Beverly said...

The root of the bindweed can go as deep as 6 feet. They are annuals so don't let them go to seed, good luck:)

Megan said...

Pictures, I want pictures!!! I say weeds are just underappreciated flowers!