Sunday, January 13, 2008

Considering Montessori

Lately I've been exploring Montessori teaching after a series of threads on Gentle Christian Mothers. It seems like such a practical and intuitive way of learning and it has really grasped my attention. I've incorporated some of the ideas into our own home and I'm so excited about how well they are already working out!

One of the ideas I borrowed was taking different colored beads and putting them in a bowl. Next, I found white ramekins in our kitchen and used washable marker to mark individual colors on the inside of the ramekin. I then gave Bella a tray with the beads in a bowl and ramekins. She happily separated the beads into their individual colors while Cristian and I homeschooled.

Next, I wrote a letter on a card with crayon. This week it was "A." The captial letter went on the front, the lower case letter (which will be used later) on the back. We took playdough and formed the letter with playdough.

One of the most significant things I did was to move a child sized table my Aunt Jannette gave me from the lower level in Bella's room to the upper level in our dining room/living area. Such a small act made such a significant difference. The kids are happily interacting with the pattern blocks I put there as though they are a new toy (I bought them three years ago).

The creativity and appreciation for beauty are things that really attract me. I hope that this will be a way to make our homeschooling home more holistic and fun.

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