Saturday, March 22, 2008

Inspired/Weekly Review

I wrote, recently, about being more active with the It's really interesting the different methods and philosophies discussed there. Too, many of the homeschoolers have blogs, which I start to read, and then become distracted, yada yada. My point is that I've become inspired by some of the blogs to write a bit more here about our hs'ing journey. Namely one called "Weekly Report." Not only is this a means of keeping track of our progress, it can also be a great means of accountability, so I make sure I'm doing what I've committed to doing. So, I'm going to try it out and see how this works for us:

Weekly Report: March 17th-21st

This is probably not the best week to begin this as Ron started leave this past week and most falls by the wayside when he takes leave. He's more the fun parent and we do all sorts of impromptu things when he's around. But here goes anyway:

Reading: C finished
Nate the Great
and I think he really enjoyed it. He laughed during many parts of it. He read both orally and to himself and his comprehension is great! We also read this beautiful book about Jesus' last days

Writing: C did a little bit of copywork from a memory verse from Leading Little Ones to God. He also did some writing for Explode the Code this week.

First Language Lessons: We started this last week and we absolutely love it. It's to the point, very laid out, and C has no complaints about it (yet :P). We are on lesson 7.

History: We starte with the Nez Perce Native American Tribe. We had an excellent experience to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which has a great Native American display, so C got to see much of what we've been studying. It was really cool.

Math: He has started and is sailing through Primary Math 1A of Singapore Math. We were using Math U See, but I thought we'd try this on for size after he finished Alpha. Again, no complaining here.

Science: C's favorite. We did spotaneous science this week, which worked out super well. C made sugar crystals with his daddy. We also went to DMNS as stated above & he got to see tons on science there, as well as an IMAX about "Black Holes" that B and I opted out of as she started screaming LOL.

So, this was our week. Not super full of the actual formal educational stuff, but just the same, very full of life lessons.

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