Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Sick Day :(

Another sick day finds me perusing the Internet. One forum of interest a fellow hs'ing friend turned me on to is The Well Trained Mind Fourms. One of the thread asks "Do You Have the Fall Planned Out." This kind of made me giggle because I feel like we're just getting into the groove with things for this year. :P Rest assured, my child isn't studying the greater mysteries of Scooby Doo. Between trying to figure out his learning style and battling off Urgent Care viruses, we're actually progressing along somehow.

So, just for kicks & giggles, I thought I'd try to see what we would do for next year and it looks a little something like this:

History/Geography Okay, we're going a little against the grain and not doing Story of the World this year. I wanted to teach C a little something about American History, so we've been playing with that. Next year, I thought I might explore Winter Promise's American History II, but when I looked it over I got irritated (as I do with most boxed curriculum) and figured I would do it myself. So, there we are. As for Geography, I'm still wrestling with that one. I like the Map Skills for Today workbooks. So, we'll probably do something like that.

Math We have been doing Math U See. C has been flying through the last half this year. So, I figured we'd grab a Singapore Math 1A book & see how that works for us.

Language Arts I just ordered First Language Lessons for this years studies of grammar. We're doing Explode the Code and Spelling Workout as well. C is doing very well with this method, so I don't know if I'll mess w. it, although I did buy Learning Language Arts through Literature Red intended for next year. He's independently reading books now with great comprehension & we'll just move that up a notch.

Handwriting I'm not stressing on this too much. I'm hearing that a lot of kiddos his age & learning style have difficulty w. handwriting. His is not bad, but not John Hancock, either. I'll give it another year before adding cursive.

Science Noeo, still. We love it. Also, interest led Science is still going strong here.

So, there's C's schedule. We'll start Before Five in a Row w. I. Maybe with Ordinary Parents Guide for teaching her reading & Handwriting without Tears for Handwriting. She keeps herself busy with Kumon books for the interim.

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