Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Favorite Children's Authors

I got this idea from another blog, but I thought I'd write about our favorites in this genre. I love children's books. It's an obsession, really. However, I'm a little particular about the books we read. I love the classics, but I really try to include books that have concepts of diversity, acceptance, morality in them, as well. So, here goes in no particular order.

1. Beatrix Potter. Cristian has loved her books since he was a toddler. Her pictures are so beautiful.

2. Rachel Isadora. Her books are fun and diverse. One of our favorites is a version of "Princess and the Pea" in which the characters are from different parts of Africa.

3. Lauren Child. Charlie and Lola are just a couple of our favorite characters. I really like the collage like images, and the sweet antics of Lola.

4. Eric Carle, of course, enough said.

5. I could read Dr. Seuss' books over & over, which is a good thing because I often do ;)

6. Margaret Wise Brown's books appeal to the innocence of children and my classical tendencies :) My youngest LOVES Runaway Bunny.

7. I LOVE Demi's books. They instill a beautiful sense of peace and generosity, without being preachy.

8. The pictures in all the d'Aulaires' books are amazingly beautiful and the stories are amazing.

9. My oldest loves the humorous and appealing stories from Arnold Lobel.

10. Various authors (including Gerald McDermott) have made the Anansi stories appealing to us.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for children's books, either read aloud or for early readers.

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