Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly Review 3/24/08-3/28/08

Well, this ought to be short and sweet. :) We took the week off because Ron had another week off. Cristian stayed with his Daddy most of the week to help around the house and generally hang out. Isabella accompanied me a couple of times to see the twins I nanny, but she pretty much wanted to be with her daddy and big brother.

Thursday we returned to the DMNS to see the gold exhibit, and the rocks and minerals exhibit. I'm so glad I bought the pass, especially since we might be here longer than we previously thought. Cristian just loves that museum, too, and Isabella is becoming increasingly interested in dinosaurs, so it's a good place to go. WOW, was it busy! It was Spring Break for the PS'ers. We almost literally waded through people.

We're going to try to implement a new rule involving the electronics in the home and reading time. Cristian is a very reluctant reader. A book I've been reading brought up a very good point (as well as one I want to clock myself on the head for not realizing sooner), regarding Right Brained individuals and oral reading. It's hard for right brainers to read in the first place, and they are very sensitive, so they lock up when reading orally (something we rarely do as adults, anyhow). So, I thought it would be good to implement a period of silent reading for C, with some follow up on what he read and his comprehension. Thirty minutes of independent reading would equal one hour of computer/TV time. We'll see how this works out.

So, this week we'll be continuing with the Nez Perce. Finishing up weather for Science. We'll be returning back to ETC and FLL. We'll be doing some more Singapore, and really hoping for the best after our extended break. :)

Here are my plans for next year for both C & I (who will be 4 in July):

2nd Grade
Winter Promise American History II (History)
Map Skills for Today, Great States Junior Game(Geography)
MUS Beta and Singapore Math (?)(Arithmetic)
First Language Lessons, Explode the Code (Language Arts)
Exploring Creation with Astronomy: (Science)
Correcting Reversals, Draw Write Now, Copywork (Handwriting)
Leading Little Ones to God (continue) Character Education (Bible) *
Analogies Grades 2-3 (Logic)
Meet the Great Composers (Music Appreciation) *
Come Look With Me series (Art Appreciation)*

Continue w. Easy Readers (from

PreK 4
Handwriting Without Tears
Before Five in a Row
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Singapore Earlybird Math & Science

So, if anyone's out there and actually reads this LOL and would like to offer some words of wisdom for the next year (or this year :D), or would like to comment on our curriculum/activities, please feel free. I'd love to hear from you.

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