Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Review April 21-25, 2008

It's been a couple weeks since I last sat down and shared what we've been doing schoolwise. So here goes:

US History: Last week we talked about the Inuits. We built an igloo from Legos because anything with Legos fully captures C's attention. The writer suggests sugar cubes, which I guess most people do, but my kids are so sugar deprived I would probably find a bite taken out of it somewhere. Of course there would be an explanation for it like, "They needed a window." Anyhow, I digress. This week we discussed animals of the artic and their amazing adaptations to living in such a cold environment. C read Amazing Arctic Animals and I am still reading One Small Square to him & his sister.

Math: Ron asked C to give him the time on his watch (Lego watch, see what I mean) this past week. We had covered time earlier in the year, but apparently it was not done with Legos, so C did not retain it. So, we reviewed it this week. I wrote a clock face on a dry erase board, which is quickly becoming my favorite teaching tool. Then we filled in the numbers. I explained to C that the small hand "sees" the actual numbers on the clock face, but the long hand has to stretch out further to "see" the invisible numbers (minutes). This must have stuck because he seems to get it now.

Grammar: We are moving well through FLL. I think the proper noun vs. common noun differences have stuck (at least with me they have LOL). I am again amazed by C's memorization skills (minus the clock example, of course :P). The two poems that have been listed as memory work have stuck with him quite well.

Phonics: We're almost done with ETC 2. I'll probably do a review of each word when we've finished the book.

Science: Woohoo, Pasteur. We finished Pasteur's fight against microbes by Beverley Birch and Christian Birmingham. C was simply CAPTIVATED. Although we have had a TV/Computer diet for the kids, I let them watch the Animated Hero Classic version of Louis Pasteur by Nest Entertainment. It went really well with the book.

I'm still deciding about what to do for science next year.

Reading: Although he still doesn't care for it, he is doing really well at it. I've found C is rather fond of audio books. A great surprise, especially with our TV diet, they've been a great hit!

Isabella received her HWOT letters this week. She's been working on the letter "F". She really enjoys it. I love this program! We've been reading Mis Primeros 100 Palabras. It lists words like "madre," "ventana," "cuchara." So far, she's really getting the hang of it.

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