Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This weekend, I watched as my oldest celebrated his seventh birthday. I see it in everything about him, his missing tooth, his change in cartoon preferences, etc. It's hard to see your child growing up. It just is, folks. Our job is to raise them to be beings that are independent of us. Yes. I get that. However, can't we just revel in all their childhood innocence a bit? Can't we just enjoy the way they are just who they are before our society literally reaches in and gobbles them up?

Some may say I am overprotective. I've gone the extra mile not to be, but I think it's in my genes. I am overly cautious as to what passes my children's lips. Yes, every now and then they've "indulged" in a preservative laden, artificially flavoured "potato" chip. I have been known to cave in on the erratic box of Lucky Charms, but for the most part I am very careful. I am hawk-eyed as to what passes their eyes. They have watched silly silliness, they've not been deprived of that, but I'm not game to the insults, the random acts of violence that is prevalent on today's shows. I homeschool my children. Not necessarily to be protective, although I find the ways we are "asking" our children to grow up too fast, too soon, in ways we don't quire realize, disturbing. I am just that... careful.

I revel in my job as a mother. It truly defines who I am. I don't apologize for that. Yes, I could have gone on to have a career in social work, but I chose motherhood instead. Believe me, it can be tougher in a lot of ways. I have rearranged, rehashed, rescheduled, reconfigured ways to make our family life successful while not relinquishing what I do right now. Yes, we could have more money, I could drive a fancier car, but I seriously don't want to look back and say "I could have done more." No, I'd rather bite that in the bud. And if the result is a child that feels too... loved... then so be it. There is a lot less of that going around these days.

This afternoon my nap prone seven year old was tired. He was rather irritable too. I get the whole, you can be tired but not be disrespectful part, I believe in showing our children the importance there. And as much as we want our kid's to be independent beings, it was kind of heartwarming that when he was tired and irrational, he was at the same time the little guy that struggled with his emotions and fatigue at two and three, and four... I could still see a little guy in that emerging little man. But we won't tell him that. ;)

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lavendergardener said...

You are an amazing mama! I'm so proud of you! I still can't beleive he's 7. Wow, I feel old.