Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back in CO

We took a short one week break to Albuquerque while Ron stayed back to renovate our downstairs bathroom. We visited with my parents, my brother and his family, and a couple friends there. It was a nice, short trip. I'm glad to be back in Colorado. It was already getting so hot there!

My garden was a bit sad when I got home, but it was to be expected. Ron works crazy long hours and barely has enough time to come home and sleep before another day, let alone try to squeeze in bathroom renovation and gardening to boot. He did a great job on the bathroom, though.

The house is still in shambles, as it always is upon first returning from a trip. That's how it is for us, anyway, I'm not sure about anyone else :) There is lots of laundry to tend to, lots of cleaning to do, routines to get back into. Looks like I'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to start, though.

Of course, I jumped back into my garden. It's hard not to after being away. I even played with my mom's garden while in Abq. :) That's almost forbidden. She's more of a vegetable gardener. And while I love harvesting things I've grown, I'm more fond of flower gardening. I'll have to wait to see if Ron will be able to assemble my Mother's Day/Birthday/Anniversary gift. He bought beautiful wood to extend my vegetable garden, and potting soil to fill it. I'm so excited. In the meantime, I'll be headed to the nursery to stock up on some replacement plants for those that met their demise and some seed onions. I fell in love with Mom's fresh green onions.

On our way out of Albuquerque, we met up with my dear friend Megan at Jackalope/High Country Gardens in Bernalillo. If you've not heard of High Country Gardens, it is a wonderful nursery specializing in drought tolerant primarily perennials. Meg bought me some yummy additions to my garden, a lamb's ear (stachys lanata) and a black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata). I also found a Red Rock's Beardtongue I'm going to be adding, a little apprehensively.

We're not done with homeschooling. I've opted to take a short break for the meantime to figure out where we are and what we need to do to finish up first grade. I'm going to be purchasing a Spectrum First Grade Sample Test from Barnes & Nobles to ensure I've covered all that would've been tested, although we don't teach strictly based off that. I'd like to be more dedicated and emphasize the joy of learning more than just the process.

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