Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Army Wives

In the past ten years I have had the honor of knowing so many brave, strong women. These are women whom I'm sure have had no idea what lay ahead of them when they fell in love and married men in the armed forces. Beth Moore talks about how God has in store for us what "no ear can hear, no eye can see, no mind can imagine." The possibilities surpass our comprehension. These women truly encompass this image. I instant messaged one of these women tonight. I met her on an online forum for attachment parenting. It was just coincidence that she and I ended up in the same base- Fort Hood, El Paso, Texas. We weren't best friends or anything, but we've managed to keep in touch for the past couple years via email. About a year ago she told me about her husband's upcoming deployment to Iraq. He is there now, Captain Toby Clark. In the past year, they also welcomed their third child. Tonight she shared beautiful pictures that a photographer donated her time for called OpLove. It warmed my heart to see them, and it hit me how incredibly strong she is, how incredibly strong are so many military wives.

If you get a moment, please pray for our men and women in uniform. We can't all make care packages and send letters of support, although we owe them so much more than that. However, even greater than these things is a prayer to our Almighty, for their safekeeping, their safe homecoming. And if you will, please remember our military wives and children. The women and men who hold down the forts, so to speak, and wear too many hats to count while putting on the bravest faces they can muster while their spouses bravely guard our freedom. This here is not about politics. It's not about whether or not it's right or wrong to be in Iraq. Rather, this is about people, and families. You will see these people in the grocery store, at a park, or pumping gas, and they will be doing these things without you knowing that half their heart is half way across the world.

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