Thursday, July 24, 2008

MidWeek Review

So, I thought I would do a mid week review of our homeschooling week, just because I'm a little obsessed with keeping track of all this right now. We finished up Week 1 of MFW ECC. I have to tell you that I'm not an ardent schedule follower. As long as we don't get a week behind, I'm good. So, this Monday was the end of week one, finishing up with the Geography Vocabulary and measuring scale. Yesterday we did latitude and longitude, which I'll probably review tomorrow just to make sure C has the concept. I think what worked best for us was to have him find the latitude on the map first, then I would put my finger there. He would then find the longitude and as he went up (or down) I would "meet" him with my finger. Does that make sense? We did a few countries this way: Sweden, Angola and India. So, I hope to get to doing the oceans tomorrow. I checked out extra books for myself and C to read about the topic.

We started Math U See Beta yesterday, beginning with place value and single number addition. I think we might take an extra week brushing up on this as we had taken a break to learn money and time and a little bit has slipped.

We started week two of LLATL. The first lesson was about David and Goliath. I had purchased our LLATL used, so the student text was missing the story. I'm glad I looked ahead because I had checked out David and Goliath by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, illustrated by Scott Cameron. BEAUTIFUL book! I highly recommend it. We walked through proper and common nouns afterwards. We had talked about proper and common nouns through First Language Lessons, but it just wasn't working for us. I think LLATL seems to rush through some things, perhaps it's because it goes through them in more detail later, but we stopped after the nouns and before we got to syllables because I didn't want to do lesson run in. David and Goliath is C's Bible Lesson this week as well. :)

We are doing HWOT. I had purchased the 1st grade book and initially thought it would be too easy, but I'm finding I like it a lot, and C seems to enjoy it as well. The way they describe how to form letters with helicopters, sliding, bumper cars really appeals to C and I've seen a dramatic difference in his handwriting.

We continue to work on invertebrates with Noeo. I went ahead and checked out books for the desert habitat unit, but since C likes the bugs so much, we have spent a couple extra days on it. He's finding all kinds of critters to catch and identify. It's really pretty fun.

B started school this week too. We are using The Education Center, Inc.'s Letter ofthe Week- Book 1. I'm following the HWOT letters, so this week is "F". I borrowed fish books to correlate with the lesson. She really likes having her own "learning time." :)


lavendergardener said...

I need a HSAD....

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed reading about how you taught latitude and longitude. We just finished week 2 of ECC (found you on the blogroll) and that is a hard concept.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about you MFW adventures this year!