Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Longer a Flylady Flunkie

I have had an on again off again love of Flylady. I long to be the uber organized, streamlined, ready for guests on a dime type of person, I really do. I have subscribed to her Yahoo messages many times, only to get frustrated and unsubscribe settling back into my mess. So, the other day I got back onto my Flylady kick. I'm sure it was instigated by some mad panic through my compact home, realizing that all was not where it was "supposed" to be. I got down to the nitty gritty. I looked at her detailed cleaning lists, and revamped them to match my home. I took a look at her weekly lists, her daily lists. This can't be so bad. I mean, to actually dress myself and make my bed before leaving my room in the morning? know there might be some who balk at the mere idea that I needed a cyber fairy to tell me this, but alas this is the case.

So, Sunday night I started. I made sure the kitchen was spotless. I tidied the living room. I put everything in its right place in the school room and kids' bedroom. It was amazing Monday morning. I was really impressed. So, I followed the daily list I had made for Monday. I did a butt load of laundry, "blessed" my home, swished and sparkled, and went to bed following the same routine on Sunday night. Today, I had a houseful! We did Bible Study here with my fellow homeschooling Mamas and their kids. I was already well prepared, I realized. Really it took a little sparkling here, a couple runs with the vacuum & I was set. I'm really getting into this, I think. Ron said last night, "You're really getting domesticated." Harumph! Yes, he did have to pay for that one.

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