Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekly Review 7/14-7/18

This week was so discombobulated because of Ron's surgery. We were back and forth to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs for the procedure and follow ups. Ron is healing nicely, praise God!

So, this left little time for school, unfortunately. :( I went through the Spectrum test book for First Grade as a precaution to ensure that we covered all our bases. I believe we did, but there were a few things to review. For example, deciphering calendars, graphs, etc.

We started My Father's World ECC this week. C filled out his "passport" yesterday. We talked about maps and globes and the benefits/disadvantages to each. Today we'll be writing our first definition. I have to say that I love the visual activities. For example, flattening out the orange peel to see how difficult it is to make a flat map. Very cool. Very useful for my visual son.

We finished the first week of LLATL. It's a learning process like everything else. When I first became a hs'er I was repeatedly told "Don't work for your curriculum, let it work for you." So, we do. Some of the activities for LLATL we do and some we don't.

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion here in Westminster as a means of exploring invertebrates for Noeo. What a great resource to have! I'll post pictures. We were able to point out the three parts of an insect, the different life stages of insects, see oceanic invertebrates, and of course enjoy the BEAUTIFUL butterflies. B kept saying "Blue Morpho butterfly!" :)

I'd like to give props to Bible Study Guide for all Ages. We started this week and we love it. The pictoral narrations and life applications are GREAT. C was encouraged to interact and stay focused through activities on the page. Then, a life application associated with the Bible Story was provided. At least twice this week I referred to one of the applications when behavioral issues arrived. I really like it. I have not needed the Teacher's Guide as I thought I did, but if you're into song (C isn't) and timelines, then this would probably be the route for you.

Finally, I have had the chance to see blogs from fellow MFW ECC participants. The blogroll is on the left if you are a MFW user & would like to meet others in cyberworld. What a blessing it is to "meet" other MFW users and see how they implement ECC.


Jennifer said...

Hello! We started ECC this past week as well (found you on the blogroll). We love it so far! I look forward to following your journey with ECC this year!

Angela said...

Thanks for visiting my blog lately. It is funny how we both had WW with our cats and fish, how cute your cat is! We are going to be doing ECC this year too and 1st grade. We did adventures and K last year. WE LOVED it!


Sara said...

Hi Tina. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be following yours closely since you'll be a few weeks ahead of us in ECC! :)