Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is the name I gave to our visitor yesterday, although the kids call it Tiny. Ron (yes, that's my hottie of a husband above ;D) was bringing home a recruit when they encountered Yertle just jaunting down the road. Ron thought it would be neat to bring it home and show the kids. I had dreams of letting him wander the yard eating all the pests and being our sweet little backyard pet. Alas, with two rambunctious dogs and two equally active young ones this could not be the case. So we loaded him up in a box, took him to our nearby lake and released him. I hope we can see him alive and well sometime :)

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lavendergardener said...

I love the looks on the kids' faces. I want a turtle too but I have nightmares of coming home and seeing the dogs using it as a chew toy. Ugh!