Friday, August 8, 2008

I thought I would take pictures of my humble garden today. We’ve had a couple days of really good rain. It’s been nice because I haven’t had to water. Also, as we mainly line dry, the temperature has been so mild I’ve actually used the dryer because we’ve not had to use the air conditioner. It’s a luxury for me.
My wildflowers are enjoying all this rain. They have really started to bloom. I’m not sure what they are, but they are a lot of fun and very colorful. I especially like this blue one in the second picture. Blue is my favorite color.
My diabolical plan has worked and I have sucked my dear husband into the gardening obsession. These are his two pots, both have herbs and peppers. He’s quite the culinary whiz, so he actually will use these in his cooking. It makes a really big difference in the flavor in my opinion. When he comes home at night he’ll say, “Did you water my pots?” Bwahahaha!
I lost a yellow squash plant about two weeks ago. I was trying to save my squash from something dining on the flowers. Also, it appeared there was some end rot on the leaves. With my beautiful new Ethel Gloves that I won from Katydid and Kid this was a very easy task. I just had to remember to stop staring at the cute gloves. I got "jubilee", by the way, and they are awesome! I’m glad I had them, even though I’m not much of a glove girl. The spiny stalks on the squash would have really not been fun later on.
Anyhow, back to the squash, I lost the yellow one and this opened up some room for the cucumber to get more light. Mama says this is what cukes like best and my mama knows gardens. I was able to save my gray squash and they have thrived after I cut off the affected flowers and leaves. The cucumber is also starting to give us some veggies, too. C said to me, “Aw, Mommy, they look like baby pickles.”
My tomatoes have had fruit on them for awhile, but they are beginning to ripen. The yellow is actually an heirloom tomato. Martha would be proud. My little B will love them when there are so many we don’t know what to do with them all.
My green beans are tiny, but apparently happy. C is not all that excited about green beans. I think he gets it from Papa Eli.
Finally, after digging up some funky fungus growing in the garden, I found this beautiful ruby red potato. It’s small, but I’m glad to see that all that foliage is doing something. If you’ve not tried freshly gardened potatoes, you’re missing out. They are well worth the wait.


Kathleen said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love your blue deck. I get tired of all the boring plain wood ones I see.

And I think that the blue flower is a Bachelor's Button. I have some in my garden too.

I'm glad you like those gloves! I have the same pair.

Tina said...


Yes, they're all boring wood here, too. :) I think we're the only ones who decided to go with color. I've always loved cobalt blue :)

Thanks for the gardening complements & the flower I.D. I'd love to see pictures of your garden! :)

I just bought a pair of the Ethel gloves for my best friend. :) They're wonderful!