Wednesday, August 6, 2008

There's a reason I've started our curriculum early...distractability. This week, for example, we only have time for 3 full school days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The other two days we have activities with our hs group. Not all weeks are this full, but we enjoy the company of those in our group, so we make room for the activities we can participate.

We have started MUS Beta. C has already done the first two lessons. It's funny how you know your child is ready to be introduced to a concept by the things they do when it's NOT schooltime. For example, he was adding three numbers together in the line at the Commissary. Yes, I think it's time for Beta.

We finished week two of MFW ECC. I was a little late in getting the books for weeks 3-8, so I ended up having to do interlibrary loan with a bunch of them. :P I love our library. Unfortunately, that meant I had to delay the schedule a bit, but I was able to get a lot of gravy that went well with ECC, including:

Rookie Read-About Geography "Mexico" By David Marx (early reader)
"Death Valley: A day in the desert" By Nancy Smiler Levinson (early reader)
"Tulip Sees America" by Cynthia Rylant & Lisa Desimini
"Look What Came From Mexico" by Miles Harvey
"We Are All Americans: Understanding Diversity" by Joy Masoff

This unit goes well with our Noeo as we are doing desert habitats there too.

Just wanted to close by saying Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. He is such an amazing, hardworking, loving man. I am so very honored and blessed to be spending my life on earth with him. :)

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