Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Questions Inspired by Real Simple:

name: Christina Quinata (Tina)
age: 33
location: Colorado (for the moment ;D)

occupation: SAHM, Army Wife, Homeschooler, Gardener

family members: Husband Ron, 36; C, 7; B, 4; Aiko (cat) 9.5; Dexter (dog) 2.5

the most fun thing about being a mom: I get to hang out with my awesome kids all day and watch them play and grow. I get to be a part of teaching them.
the hardest thing about being a mom: knowing that some things about harsh realities of life they have to learn on their own. :(
I realized I had turned into my mother when: I said, “Because I said so.”
The last time my children made me laugh: C was laughing hysterically watching "The Goonies."
When I have 30 minutes to myself: I either get my fingernails dirty, come and download digital scrapbooking stuff to one day create something with, or do a Bible study.
The website I go to for parenting advice, tips, and dish: It’s been awhile, but I used to go to now I’m more prone to going to
The last book I read to my children: The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant
My favorite outdoor activity to do with my children: I love to have nature hikes with them! They are so perceptive! They pick up on things I completely overlook.
The last temper tantrum occurred because:
I wanted B to put on her clothes this morning. LOL.
The noticeable way parenting has changed me: I’m not as apt to do things status quo. God and my children have made me braver. I will do what I feel is right for them. I know what these things are because I’m their mother and I don’t feel like I have to give in to whatever’s best for everyone else.
The thing that surprises me most about being a parent: It really has made me more patient and more coordinated. LOL.
When I was a kid, I said, “When I’m a parent, I will never…”: Marry a military man and do all this traveling. Well, I did. They do travel, but I don’t regret either decision.
I hope my kids inherit: My compassion for life and my love for God.
The one thing I wish I had known about parenting before I became a parent: Trust your instincts!
The invention I wish I could create to make my life easier: How to see things through my son’s eyes. I think it would be easier to explain things to him academically and life experience-wise.
I get my children to eat fruits and vegetables by: Suprisingly, I’ve never had a problem doing this. My kids are natural herbivores :) They would make awesome vegetarians.

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