Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Week in Review

I was inspired by Kysha to do a Week in Review, although our week was very light because of illness and Daddy being home. While Kysha's is a neat little slideshow, mine is only a text version. LOL.

Right now the kids are having free art time. I keep the art supplies in a plastic drawer thing in the closet so they can draw, cut, color to their little hearts desires. The paint and glue is put up for my sanity and their safety. LOL. Right now Bella is cutting out capes from construction paper. Cristian just drew a picture of the two of us. It's one of the ones that will be framed for sure.

We proceeded with All About Spelling. This week we put the tiles in alphabetical order, identified consonants and vowels, and while I dictated the phonograms C wrote them on his whiteboard. I LOVE this program! Can't say enough about it.

We continued with studying desert habitats this week. C read a book about Death Valley. It's funny because you catch elements of their learning in their play. So, while his Lego Agent was stranded, he new to access a barrel cactus for water. LOL. Either that, or C's been watching far too much Survivorman.

We finished up adding numbers that need to be regrouped in MathUSee. Since we had already learned money this past summer outside of MUS, we just quickly reviewed that in the Beta book. So now we're working on decimals. I love the way MUS presents it with the manipulatives and reference money. Can you tell I'm getting my second education? :)

We did My Father's World yesterday. I need to be more consistent with MFW. :( We have been reading books recommended for the book basket all this time, but the actual work from the curriculum we've laxed on. So, we did North America/The U.S. yesterday. We photocopied the world map and the map of N. America. C labeled the different physical features (ie Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, The U.S., Mexico, Canada, etc.). To challenge him, I would open the atlas, and tell him we needed to label a certain feature. He would find the feature on the atlas, ID it on the worksheet, and then write it, instead of my just pointing it out. He did quite a bit of it independently.

So, next week we'll continue with The United States of America with MFW. We'll move on with MUS & AAS. I hope to introduce music or some other type of fine art next week as we've not really been doing it. I can't believe it's already the last week of August!

I've really been trying to concentrate on a more Charlotte Mason style of learning in our home. Especially with the weather being so mild, I'm more prone to getting the little ones outdoors. I've checked out "For the Children's Sake" and "The Three R's" through Interlibrary Loan, and I'm excited to read more about the method.

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Kysha said...

You had a great "light" week. You still accomplished more than we did. lol