Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was excited and inspired to share with you the little potatoes from my garden! They were so cute and so tasty (we ate them last night). Only, when I came down to download them, my dear hubby tells me that water had spilled on my digital camera. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! Not good. Before I took out the battery it was spontaneously flashing at me. It's pretty angry. I'm pretty bummed. I mean, how can you have Wordless Wednesays without a digital camera?! I'm praying, praying that this will all dry out (as my cell phone has countless times- notice a really bad trend here?) and I will have a camera to capture our pumpkin patch excursion on Friday.


Kysha said...

Oh no! I have a similar trend like that. Just the other day, my toddler spilled her juice on my cell phone. Good thing it dried out and still works. Hope the same for your camera.

Sara said...

OH! I hope it dries out! Pumpkin patch pictures are a must! :)