Thursday, October 2, 2008

HSBA: Much Ado About Snacks...

This week's meme at HSBA is all about snacks. What snacks do we enjoy around here? We are prone to eat a variety of things throughout the day. It seems the kids are perpetually hungry. We have foods in the house that are staples:
-cheese sticks
-bananas & other seasonal fruit
-cereal (it's not just for breakfast anymore)

My two kids are really different when it comes to food preferences. C is prone is everything and anything sweet. Given his tendencies to climbing walls, I tend to curb these cravings. When I was a young mom, I wondered if his cravings had to do with a sugar deficiency. Now, I know better. LOL. B would live off PB & J if given the opportunity. However, she's also big on eating fruits and veggies of all sorts.
I tend to gravitate toward cereal if I'm hungry. Every now and again we'll get rice chips or BBQ potato chips. I also went through a Ben and Jerry's stint this past summer. Mmmmmm.

For more ideas on snacks, check out the HSBA link to the right :)


tammy said...

I can relate to the child prone to anything and everything sweet!! I was laughing about the period of wondering if he had a sugar deficiency! hehe

Thanks for sharing your list!

SmallWorld at Home said...

My kids are huge cereal snackers!

And about the fall flowers--isn't it so amazing how vibrant everything gets again in fall? So fabulous!